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Aside from our comfy freerunning garments Evade is a group of highly skilled Athletes from Australia who come together to help work, and share there knowledge with you for your projects. The team are available for any variety of work across the globe including all forms of media, performance, film, photography, events, and coaching. Check out the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with below.



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Run Free.

The Story

Welcome to Evade

We are an established Parkour/Freerunning Family and Official clothing label here to inspire you to find your path.

It was in 2009 when the idea became reality. Evade was created with a symbol that reflects what we do, and a name that has the perfect meaning to build our family and philosophy on. Over the years the company has grown and the label has become something more than just a piece of cloth for our fellow freerunner’s and Tracer’s. It gives meaning to our lifestyle and helps represent our culture.

The Team

The Evade Family is a group of disciplined young athletes from Australia with a passion to help create new innovative ideas for all to see, relate to, and connect with through the art of motion.



Our vision for Evade is to see it become well recognised in the Parkour/freerunning world, and a label that defines our movement. We want to inspire the next generation of young athletes around the globe so our discipline can progress to a whole new level.


We want to Thankyou all for your continued support and for encouraging us to explore the planet with a different pair of eyes to show you our perspective.





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Forever Young.


The map below shows you one of our favourite training locations. A great place to hone your skills.

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