I should have written this straight after the event, but hey better late than never. Lets just start with saying that Jump Off 2016 was an amazing moment in time and I’ll never forget it. It all started for me like most of us and that was with a plane ticket to Sydney and I had one place in mind that I wanted to go straight to when I got there.

The spot was in Kingscross and it was from what I saw in Dom’s video a perfect spot for 360 dive roll bomb and double kong gainer. Now it was drizzling when I walked outside the train station with my suitcase so that was a bit disappointing, but I kept a positive attitude and with the help of Gussy I found the spot which was soo slippery haha.

It was a bummer and when I sussed out the distances for the moves I wanted to try I realised that it wasn’t happening which was a real shame.

I ended up just doing some general training there for a bit by myself and next thing you know I heard my name from somewhere…I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I kept training and then I heard it again… I look through the trees and on the other side of the park there was Ish from Novel ways with half his body hanging out the window of his apartment trying to get my attention. Its funny that we’ve both been in the Parkour/Freerunning world for over 10 years in Aus and we’d only just finally met each other.

I’ll never forget that moment.

He told me ‘Joe from 3run and a few of the BNE boys were around the corner so wait for them and then come up for a coffee’. So I waited and next thing you know the boys rocked up and we trained for hours together before hitting up a cuppa with Ish which was just perfect.


That night was where everyone that had come down for the event met up at AAPES 1 and we all watched videos on how far parkour/freerunning has come. Ish spoke about the changes in the way videos are made now and how the level of skill around the world now has skyrocketed.

Before it ended Gussy, Kyle and I were ready to get out outa there and get some rest ready for the next day. Which came around so fast. Before we knew it Day 1 at AAPES 2 had begun and everyone was training hard already. Today was the Speed Run Comp so once we’d all been shown around the course we all then had a chance to practise each section.. well thats what I did anyway. I wanted to make sure I had all my bases covered from the start all the way to the very end, and if there was a spot in the course where I was able to shave time off by getting a certain move then thats where you would have found me training.

There were two spots I was concerned about and that was the wall run at the start and the rails at the back so I practised them the most. A few of the guys there at the wall run spot had figured out a quick way to do it and it was tough. After a few goes I figured it out, but it was whether any of us had the balls to do it in the comp because one wrong move and you hit the deck hard. The next place was the rails and we were seriously up there for ages just balancing as fast as we could. It was surprising how much better we got after only being on them for like half hour.


So the time came for the juniors to do there runs and then it was the big boys. Now I have to say that there were more people than I expected at this event and to see this many awesome people in one place was great. This is the biggest competition we have in Australia and to see the movement grow to this level in our country and to be apart of its growth has been an amazing journey.

I guess I just felt it all when I was there and I just wanted to have some fun and show everyone why we do this. So it came down to my first run and boy was I just ready to go. A few guys had done well and a few had fallen badly, but you just have to not think about it and just do what you’ve trained. As soon as I heard GO…. I was off like a bucket of prawns in the sun. The wall run that I was worried about was eating my dust. I strided down the blocks wall climbed up and jumped over to the rails which went smoother than expected and then came the final stretch. I ran as fast as I could across the top of the big AAPES sign and boom I took my last huge leap to make the big precision jump and skimmed over the top of it to quickly cross the finish. I won’t lie I was pretty proud and stoked that I’d just conquered it and I’d just bet my pb that I got in practise and it ended up being the fastest time of the day.

Now the dude on my tail was Gussy who I was staying with down in Sydney and man was he quick. His second run was sikkk and he ended it with a front handspring off the sign which was unintentional he said after, but I thought he’d just done it because he can haha.

So you could imagine when I saw that well I kinda wanted to join in with the tricks except mine hurt. My second run again started off nice and quick with the wall run going sweet, but when I got to the rails I went a bit slower which was frustrating but I got through and on the final stretch I decided to go for that big precision again but this time front flip out of it. It felt amazing once I’d crossed the line and everyone cheered, but I heard a crack in the ankle when I took off on the front flip and man did it hurt.

It ended up putting me out of the free running comp the next day but to be honest I was happy that I got to smash out the speed run.

The day went so fast and before we knew it was awards time and the results were…


1st Jesse Turner

2nd Gussy Rodriguez

3rd Koh Chen Pin


So I ended up winning the 2016 jump off speed run which I wasn’t expecting. It’s awesome to get a spot on the podium but it’s not everything. The main thing for me was being able to get together as a community and do what we love.

Even though I didn’t compete in the freerun comp it was great to watch all the awesome athletes from around the country go for it and man were there some big tricks thrown and some good stacks. A big hats off to everyone that threw down.


1st Joe Scandrett

2nd Dom Di Tomaso

3rd Koh Chen Pin


Overall I enjoyed the whole thing and I want to thank Jp,Monique(AAPES) and Ish (novel ways) for putting it together and everyone else that helped make this happen. I hope to see more of these events pop up around Australia and I seriously wonder where our movement will be in the next few years because the kids now days are seriously taking it to a whole new level.


ps A big well done to all the EVADE athletes that went down, got involved and had a go. Let’s always keep it real and never give up.




Clips to watch


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