April Kay Photography

Over the last year or so there’s been a talented photographer come out of the shadows. Her love and passion for what she does is really coming out in her work and we thought it was a great idea to show you some of her art if you haven’t seen it already on our banner.

She caught our eye straight away with some of her parkour/freerunning and tricking photos she’d been taking most recently. It definitely helps having her man Jay Lamont throw down some moves for her to capture in the backyard, but it’s what she does in the finishing touches that just draws you in to want to see more.

I don’t know about you guys but it makes me want to train and even be apart of the next shoot because it looks like so much fun and free which is just how we roll.

Obviously this is only one aspect of her photography she has shot many more creative ideas she’s come up with and we want to see it grow so the rest of the world can see. So please help support this gal by giving her page April Kay Photography a ‘LIKE’ and if your keen on doing a photo shoot… you know who to call.


-Jesse Turner