BEN TIMMINGS: Editor/Freerunner

Hi, I’m Ben, Freerunner, Traceur, professional musician and student learning how to ‘life’. Born in Brisbane, QLD, I was a very hyperactive kid (in a lot of ways, I still am) I always found joy in running, climbing, jumping and finding ‘alternate/not ideal’ ways of getting places, often leading in me running off the track whilst bush walking. After living two years of my life in a little town in south-west Queensland called; Quilpie, I fell in love with the bush and travel. After living in the tiny red-dirt, opal mining town, we moved to Toowoomba and have been there ever since. It was clear that once I heard of this thing called ‘parkour’ that it would be the way I run from then on. What I had been practicing, rock to rock, tree to tree, my entire life, now had a name! and a community! Full of amazing, inspirational people, all with the same incessant need to move throughout their environment in their own exhilarating ‘alternate’ ways. Through this practice, my artistic side, fuelled by my passion for creativity and individuality ignited my love for the branch-off, Freerunning. Taking the elements of efficiency and power from parkour and adding a dash of imagination, a few flips & twists and a pinch of crazy, freerunning was DEFFINATELY for me. Moving throughout my home town, meeting up with other budding ‘movement enthusiasts’ and inspiring others along this path, we built up the Toowoomba parkour and tricking community to what it is today – Intrepide Movement.

I have a strong passion for music also, playing 5 instruments in total, two of which are guitar and piano, this fills in the rest of my spare time, playing gigs at various venues and recording song covers from my favourite artists.

I owe my entire journey through movement to the amazing people who inspired me to continue. From Daniel Ilabaca, Storm and 3run from the UK, through the innumerable Russian freerunning juggernauts, to the incredible Community here in Australia. Intrepide freerun from Toowoomba, Kyle from Prism in Perth, the awesome Brisbane crew – BNE, and the guy who keeps me running at my full potential, Jesse Turner. You people are awesome so thankyou.

Humans can achieve incredible. We can forge amazing and we can inspire wonder. Don’t be put off by ‘normal’ because that’s just a word used to restrain us. If we are all born different, then by definition – ‘normal’ cannot exist!

-Ben Timmings