Hi my name is Brodie Pawson and im 19 years old! I started Parkour and Freerunning, around 4 and half years ago on the Gold Coast. Funnily enough, it was actually my twin brother that got me into it. To cut a long story short, my brother Dylan showed me a few videos on youtube of guys doing Parkour. They were jumping, climbing and doing wall flips. As a result we were both intrigued into what seemed to be this awesome thing called Parkour. We were then both motivated enough to go out and try the same as what we had witnessed online. Ever since then I have not stopped training, travelling and meeting new people through Parkour.

I’ve also have had the privileges of training with a lot of inspirational and very talented people, since starting Parkour, which have indeed helped me in my development and progression with Parkour. These inspiring people who’ve helped me with my progression include firstly, all who I train with regularly ‘my twin brother Dylan Pawson, Jesse Turner, Kye Rowely, Nick Rowely, kyle Freemantle and many others associated with Brisbane Parkour’! Some other figures within the Australian community, which also inspire me and keep me motivated regularly are from the Sydney Parkour community, Melbourne Parkour community and the Adelaide Parkour community. Some international figures which have kept me motivated over the years are people such as Phil Doyle, Daniel Illabaca, the Denmark twins ‘Jim and Joe’ members from ‘GUP’ Galizian Urban Project and many more!
One of my most memorable and meaningful encounters with an inspiring Parkour practitioner, would be when I met Daniel Illabaca while I was travelling overseas in Hong Kong! I remember in my first years of training, I would regularly watch out for his videos as they were very inspiring for me and kept me continually motivated to go out and train.
As Parkour has been through-out most of my teenage years, it feels as if I’ve basically grown up with it and that it is a completing part of my life.

-Brodie Pawson



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