Dakota Perry: Freerunner/Trampolinist

My name is Dakota Perry. I am 16 years old and live in Toowoomba, Queensland. I started my journey through movement with gymnastics and then through that, I found Freerunning. It all started when I got my first trampoline when I was two years old. A couple of weeks went past and I was already doing flips. My family noticed at how fast I took to this and encouraged me to continue.
Everyday after school I would go home and just jump and practice on the trampoline all afternoon. This is where my first tricks, spacial awareness and my love for this movement has came from.

When I was 11 I moved to Toowoomba and attended Gymnastics class at PCYC. This is where I pretty much spent all my time after school. There was nothing else to do so I thought, why not.
When I was 13 I went to the Gymnastics State Championships and placed third overall, and after that it was the end of gymnastics for me. I ended up stopping for two years to explore more sports, but quickly got tired of them. I ended up going back to PCYC where I attended the same gymnastics class twice a week. This quickly became boring, as did the other sports I tried to play, but this one day I saw this video on YouTube and it was of Ryan Doyle and a team called 3run doing an advertisement for Vodafone. This caught my eye, because they were performing unreal stunts and flips like I did in the gym, but these guys and girls where doing it on the ground and concrete, and this was completely new to me so I was instantly drawn in.

I began to research what this thing was and came to the conclusion that it was a movement called Freerunning. I started to practice with the bins out in my back yard, laying them down and having them be the obstacles and this was all I did for a good couple of weeks. After a while I got all the basic movements from a lot of trial and error and an equal amount of YouTube videos. I was finally confident outside, so I took it up to the local park and found some cool spots to train. This is where I have pretty much grown.

From the people I’ve met to the experiences I’ve had to the life I live, it has all came from Freerunning so I have a lot of time for training because it is my life.

-Dakota Perry