Evade talks to PRISM FREERUN

We recently spoke with Prism Freerun an amazing freerunning group in Perth Australia. We’ve known these lads for a while now, but we wanted to find out more about them and share more of their story with you guys.

Here’s what we got chatting about.


Evade: So Jordan how did you and the lads come together originally to create Prism?

Prism Freerun: Originally all of us knew each other from parkour and freerunning gatherings. I spoke to the guys about forming an “extreme team” and we basically joined together to create Prism Freerun.


Evade: What’s the journey been like from when you started till now?

Prism Freerun: Its been amazing, we’ve seen each others progression and worked together to bring out a good handful of films aswell as creating some unforgettable memories along the way.


Evade: Where do you guys want to go from here? What’s your dreams and goals as a team?

Prism Freerun: Wherever it may take us, as long as we are together we will be having a good time. We plan to film more and progress together as a team aswell as bring out some more clothing and lifestyle stuff. We’ve also just signed up alongside “FLOW” but that’s just something you’ll have to wait around for to see what happens in the near future…


Evade: Have you guys seen the culture outside your hometown? Have you travelled abroad?

Prism Freerun: We’ve all had a dip into the world of travel and would love to travel as a team sometime. We definitely want to see the culture outside of home.


Evade: Who’s your fav freerun team who inspires you guys the most?

Prism Freerun: Storm Freerun and Farang play a large part in inspiring us to move forward with our team and provide such an amazing insight into the lifestyles of a freerunner.


Evade: Anyone you would like to meet and train with in the future?

Prism Freerun: We’d like to meet anyone that involves themselves in the movement.


Evade: A place on the map your yet to visit and why?

Prism Freerun: Santorini, Cam and Kyle where lucky enough to go there while traveling around Europe. I think it would be amazing to visit as a team, together.


Evade: Sum up parkour/freerunning in one word?

Prism Freerun: Life.






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