JAY LAMONT: Freerunner/Tricker

Jay Lamont.
Born in Auckland, New Zealand. 21/04/1991.
Current: Gold Coast, Australia.

I First found interest in movement in my last year of school (2008) in Auckland city.A friend of mine introduced me to parkour and we began training regularly, and I started to also pick up free-running, Tricking, Tumbling and Dance. My passion for all movement had begun. After school, I joined the Royal New Zealand Navy, and While traveling I had the opportunity to train with alot of different people who have heavily influenced my focus of movement. Since moving to the gold coast in 2012, my focus has been tricking and influencing others to trick with me. I enjoy teaching and strive to see someone give their best when training. I love life and I enjoy everything I put my mind to. Its an awesome community to be apart of, and Evade city is a big part of why I train so hard today.Its amazing what a team of committed athletes can do for movement itself and the community. I hope to influence those who are interested. Start learning and give it a try!!! . Movement has been such a positive influence on me, so I intend to keep it up as long as possible and share it with the world!!

Peace n Love

-Jay Lamont





Jay Lamont 2014