JESSE TURNER: Professional Freerunner/Stuntman

Before I tell you a bit about myself I just want to say that Happiness is the key to your success. As you grow enjoy every second your alive and live life to the absolute fullest. Keep that smile, LOVE and most of all; live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of Happiness you can never get back.


It all started for me in the Beautiful small town of Adelaide, South Australia. With an Amazing family always there to support me and even though we didn’t have everything and times were not always easy they were still there every step of the way.

As soon as I could walk I was kicking a ball and jumping off things. My Dad helped guide me and gave me the confidence in the things I loved so at a young age I grew up in the world of sport’s my favourite for 10 years (5-15) was soccer (football), climbing and Athletics.


Through these years I also tried many other sports, but none of them seemed to work for me. Things started to change as I hit high school and that included my passion to play soccer. I still enjoyed it, but I also loved art and my creative side started to come out even more as I got older. Sport and Art were always my strengths and at this time in my life I guess without knowing everything that I had been doing was helping shape me and my character. These two subjects that I loved were beginning to merge together into one and the path that I took from here was going to be one crazy adventure.
It was around 2004 when Parkour/freerunning came to my attention in Australia. I was 14 at the time but as a youngster I had already been practicing parkour with out even knowing it was really anything (like most boys do when they just play around outside), but now it was becoming an actual sport and movement that people around the world were trying and it now had a name. I started watching more movies with Jackie Chan and loved films like starwars, Spiderman, James Bond, Power rangers, Ninja turtles and of course Dragonball Z and tried to imitate what I saw.


I then began pioneering it in Australia with a few mates of mine and began to slowly transition from normal sports to just focusing solely on parkour/freerunning . I remember finding youtube round 2005-06 and seeing David Bell flying through the air across rooftops. As a kid I always wanted to FLY and I felt that this was the closest I would get without spending loads of cash. I mean all I needed was a good pair of sneakers and off we went to train.

This video inspired me to push harder, have fun, and learn the art of it. I was now 15 jumping around schools and shopping centers with my friends, but would always normally find myself training alone mainly because I wanted to keep pushing my self to new limits which was a good thing and now I realise how important solo training was and still is. Towards the end of 2005-2006 I began to enjoy more of the freerunning side of things because of how creative it was. It was a hard road from here on because there were no gyms near by, but we managed to find places to practice. We’d often go to the beach and jump off the jetty to the water and sand, and then hit the sand dunes and train flips till our legs were dead. We slowly built up to grass then the streets and always got told off by the teachers at school and security guards who were always wandering what in the world were we doing. Sometimes they would ask and I’d sit there for an hour explaining about the movement that we were training in. It took ages for people in Australia to realise what we were doing. Hardly anyone knew what it was, but gradually they got the idea, and as soon as James Bond Casino Royale hit the movie screen I didn’t have to explain so much.


Around this time another video popped up of some guys in England. It blew me away. It was called “Parkour-Evolution” and in it had Chase Armitage and the 3run crew. This video opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me because the tricks I was seeing I’d never seen before and I loved how creative and innovative it was. They were mixing parkour/freerunning elements with tricking and I fell in love with it.
I knew that this was my direction and I pursued it with so much passion and dedication. Thoughts flowed in and ideas became actions. I started getting into filming and editing because we wanted to capture what we did the best way possible so we could learn quicker, improve and admire our achievements.


I had so many people telling me I should get a trade, get a normal job or go to university like everyone else, but it wasn’t for me. There was also the small few that told me to live my dreams and a lady at the tafe I was at gave me the idea of being a stuntman.
Well I can tell you my eyes lit straight up because I knew that this was my path and it was a way that I could do all the things I loved and get paid for it which was a bonus.


It’s been a long process for me because like most of us we all need money to live and keep the dream alive. So you can imagine all the lame dead end jobs that I’ve had to go through to get up to where I am now. It can be tough at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It humbles me when I think and look back on the things I’ve put myself through and achieved. I have a purpose living here on this earth and I found it. Parkour/Freerunning have taken me on an amazing journey from my backyard in Adelaide, to the sunny Gold Coast and around the world. It has led me to getting work at Movie world, Sea world and then overseas to do commercials and films in Thailand, India, China, US, UK, Canada and around Australia as a stunt performer.

To see what I’ve worked on CLICK HERE


I’m grateful everyday to be alive and to be able to constantly set goals and achieve them. It’s important for all of us to have a direction in life because it gives us something to aim towards. I feel I’ve earned every step to get to where I am now and it makes me happy to be able to share my story and help others with what they’re doing as well.


I want to thank God for my family and friends for their help through the good and bad times and I want to take a moment to thank Chase Armitage and the 3run team. I’m Honored to now be apart of 3run and after meeting them in UK I realized how much of a blessing it is to travel around the world and meet other guys like-minded with a similar outlook and positive attitude to everything in life. All these things that I’ve learnt on the road I want to instill in our freerunning family EVADE and I hope it becomes a centre point for spreading inspiration, knowledge and thoughts to people that need it and want to learn.
After all we are forever learning.

Before I go here’s a little note/philosophy I came up with on my travels…

Be an Inspiration to others and march to the beat of your own drum. Persevere and take the time to aspire to be who you really are. Live each day like its your last fulfilling your dreams and goals you have set in your life, and be the best you can be as you venture on your chosen path. Rise Above to Express Your Freedom.

-Jesse Turner



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