Kyle Freemantle: Prism Freerun

So we managed to catch up with Kyle Freemantle and have a chat to him about his life and the way he moves around town. If you havn’t met him before you soon will in our world. He’s always keen to get everyone out and about to train in random locations and always comes up with some really cool ideas of tricks for people to try. His hometown is on the other the side of Australia and he sprung from a freerunning family known as PRISM. Such an awesome bunch of lads that we’ll be hearing more from soon.
Here’s what Kyle had to say….


I’m Kyle Freemantle, a 22 year old free runner from Western Australia. I’ve been properly training the art of Freerunning for little over 4 years now and I am still as in love with the sport now as I was when I first started.

I would have to say that the reason I can not get over this addiction and what keeps me wanting more has to be the supportive , motivating atmosphere and the strongest friendships I’ve ever made, literally forged in blood and sweat.

I personally see the sport of free running having limitless potential and if the community is as welcoming and supportive for the new generation as it was for me and my mates , then the sky ISNT the limit , Its just the beginning.

-Kyle Freemantle


Short and sweet, but well said. If you want to check some of Kyle’s movements then check the links out below.


-Jesse Turner


Youtube Link:

Prism Freerun: Athletes // Kyle Freemantle

Kyle Freemantle’s stunt showreel