Kyle Freemantle

Gday I’m Kyle Freemantle !
I was born in 1991 in Perth, Western Australia and have been fully addicted to the physical art of freerunning since I was 18.

I guess it all started for me much before that really because my little brother and I would just flip around the playground for fun not really knowing what the hell we were doing.

It wasn’t until I attended my first open mat session did I truly find my passion and calling.

Through the years I have made countless friends due to the ever welcoming and hospitable Parkour and Freerunning community and it is still growing every day.

I now reside on the Gold Coast in QLD where just like my parkour and freerunning I have accidentally fallen in to the competetive world of stunts.

My current goal is to continually push my self every day to become the best freerunner/stuntman I can possibly be and to also guide the younger generation to follow their own dreams and push themselves in the same way even if its just in small ways.
I’ll end with my favourite quote as I try to implement it myself every single day.


Check out Kyle’s latest video below!!