LACHLAN ROBERSTON: Cinematographer/Freerunner

Lachlan Robertson

I have spent the bulk of my life growing up in Glass House Mountains, A small town with not a lot going on. With not a lot to do I spent most of my time outdoors with my mates, climbing trees, riding bikes, and eating ridiculous amounts of chips cheese and gravy, you know, Australian stuff. Throughout my childhood I tried pretty much every sport there was, from Golf to BMX. I enjoyed it all but failed to find a sport that was truly fulfilling. That was until I started going to school in Brisbane. During my first day I met three crazy kids that referred to themselves as ‘Freerunners’. I was amazed by what they could do and immediately wanted to give it a shot. I started training all day, every day and when I couldn’t train, I was on Youtube. I was amazed and inspired by what I saw, not just by the movement but the video’s themselves. Ever since watching the first Tempest Freerunning and Team Farang video’s I always took a camera when I trained.

Freerunning has changed my life, and hopefully by sharing my journey through video’s, I can change someone else’s.

-Lachlan Robertson