Leave your mark


Here’s a little something I’ve been thinking about lately. I came across a cool video with these words spoken and it got me wondering about how we all have the power to leave our mark and a legacy behind during our time here on earth. None of us know when our times up, but I sure hope we all get a chance to leave accomplished with the work that we’ve done.

We all may feel insignificant in this big world, but your still an individual with your very own finger print. This world needs you to stand up and respond to your calling. Don’t become disabled by fear and paralysed by procrastination. Instead find your purpose and don’t back down when times get tough. Stand up for what you believe in and fullfill your destiny. Run against the crowd and Soldier On.

-Jesse Turner

Legacies transcend the boundaries of time. We create them with or without our knowledge. Our words, our deeds, all pieced together will form the history we leave behind. They are told, shown, held, felt—memories we absent-mindedly create for countless tomorrows. Legacies are roads left paved for those that will follow.

They leave trails filled with reflective ideals. They are monumental. They are minimal. But, they are never forgotten. Children, grandchildren, neighbourhoods, coworkers, friends, enemies—the lives of those around us, inherit the story we leave behind.

They make their way to everywhere—through tale or virtue.
Legacies stand tall in the face of trial…they prevail.
They’re found in risk that clings to the promise of hope.

Legacies can be found in tattered soles and wrinkles aged with wisdom.
They make their way to empty rooms and trailing heartbeats.
They find their way into the back of our minds…sit with us. Lingering, waiting to be remembered.
They nudge, some carry, others push.
Found in humbled homes, inherited mansions, and tin roofed rooms.
Legacies extend past the limited hours of your life and mine.

Where have you seen them?

Where have you taken them in?

What will your name leave behind?

Legacies test all boundaries.

Legacies find no limits.

Legacies light the way.

Legacies lead.

The choice is yours.

What will be your legacy?

How will you leave your mark?

Written by: Fellowship Stories

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