Mark Hodson // Freerunner

Guys my name is Mark, I’m 20, and I grew up in a town called Chinchilla. I started training in 2009 when a mate of mine did a backflip off a minitramp and I tryed to copy him and instantly loved the feeling of flipping. From then on I went online and watched youtube videos trying to copy different athletes moves and make my own setups out of tires,mats and other random objects I collected along the way.


As good as it was at the time.. staying motivated to train became harder and harder with nothing much around me to be able to train and push myself further so I stopped for almost a year. I then realised that I couldn’t stop training. The spark came back to freerun once again and I began getting tricks back slowly.


My love for this movement made me decide to move to the Gold Coast in 2015 straight into a house complete with scaffolding in the backyard and other freerunners to train with! So from then on I’ve been living my dream jamming along the Coast as much as possible and exploring the endless spots.


-Mark Hodson


p.s. Video coming soon