Mitch Knox

My name is Mitch Knox 21 years young and I have wanted to be a ninja ever since I can remember. Growing up watching ninja turtles and power rangers watching them do crazy tricks always impressed me. When I started getting a little older all I did was cartwheel and roll around the place and eventually that turned to flips and free running thanks to a couple of mates I was in a circus crew i joined up with at the age of 14. Since free running has found me it has always been my guaranteed key to happiness and joy, everyone goes through hard things in their lifes but everytime I freerun nothing matters at all, its just me in the moment completely disconnected from the earth, like a perfect moment. I been involved with dance and circus crews, cheer squads, performance teams all because of free running. These days I’m a proud family member of evade and love training with all the guys on the coast. Free running has lead me today to 3 great sponsorships from power 2 perform, annahyme clothing and Evade. As a living I coach cheerleading, gymnastics and I have my own freerunning program that will soon be extended to the world of Evade. My whole life is training and dedicating everyday to self create a better me that I can use to teach the youth of this world to do superhuman things and focus on all the positive and ignore the negative. 😀 Nothin but love! Peace homies and homets <3


To see how Mitch moves check out his latest video below!!