New Parkour Park (Brisbane)

With purpose built, parkour and Freerunning parks and facilities popping up all over the globe, from the benchmark of flip heaven and trace-born-creativity – Tempest Freerunning Academy in LA, to a newly erected, outdoor parkour park built in Perth, it was only a matter of time before Queensland’s capital city was blessed with the concept, and after months of waiting, lo and behold, we were not disappointed! Though incomplete and rough around the edges, the Brisbane Parkour park is an amazing design, both from architectural and practicality points of view. Using all steel and concrete (my personal preferred surfaces when training in the city) the layout is constructed of basic geometric shapes, cubes and cylinders, with a little added metal scaffold for laché and bar work. The entire location is small, this is one downside, especially when training with a larger group (usually the case when meeting up with the Brisbane parkour community) however the architects managed to fit a lot into the small space provided. An infinite amount of runs and individual movements can be attempted and perfected here with opportunity for both the novice and the fully fledged traceur, to get their fix. Getting the space for a decent run-up can be dead near impossible though, really makes you rethink your methods of momentum.

Another downside however, which of course would have seemed like a wonderful idea to the non freerunning builders of the park, the anti-graffiti coating sprayed all over the cement obstacles is infuriatingly slick. Without text-book landings and being genetically predisposed to having gecko feet, grip is scarce. Not what you want. This is an easy fix though, a bit of roughing up with a heavy duty sander will leave the surface perfect for clean and relatively safe (safer)  landings (Hopefully Brisbane City Council follows our blog..)


At the end of the day, setting aside the slippery surface and slightly cramped location, Brisbane has gifted the movement community with a fantastic park and many great, fun and productive jams will happen there in the near future. I met up with Jesse Turner and BNE for a look at the new setup and was blown away, I had to put down the camera and get some jumps in myself! If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you grab your mates and check it out for yourself, (if you’re local that is) make sure to hit up the Evade City Facebook page and tell us what you think of this great new location!

Happy tracing!



The Parkour Park in Brisbane was designed as a collaboration between the Australian Parkour Association, DC8 Studio, Brisbane City Council and ENERGEX.

We would like to say a big thanks to all these guys who contributed to make this all possible.





If you want to check the place out you can find it here.. Google Maps puts it as 278 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hil (or Fortitude Valley)




– Ben Timmings