QLD’s First Parkour/Freerunning Competition

On Saturday the 31st October Evade Athlete Brodie and the guy’s at Crank Indoor Climbing helped put together the first Parkour speed competition and the first freerunning competition in Queensland. It turned out to be an amazing day and it was good to see the level of talent from around the state come together and learn more about themselves and the way each individual trains.


Now obviously most people know that the parkour community in the past has been very strong against competition and still are, but there are now more and more athletes realising that it isn’t bad at all. We totally understand the philosophy of parkour and why some don’t agree, and we respect that, but at the end of the day comps are there to push us and make us better. From what I saw we all did it for ourselves. It isn’t about beating the guy next to you… It is about doing the best you can do on the day with whatever course is thrown at you which is a great challenge.


Above all the most important thing on the day though was to train, progress and have fun with your mates. If you felt stressed and pressured then you’re not really there for the right reasons. We train to control our fear and emotions so nothing should change even when its comp day.


So hats off to everyone who participated. Everyone did a great job and we all can’t wait for the next one.


P.S. There should be a few more vids coming out that were filmed on the day from BNE and a few other solo athletes so stay tuned.



Freerunning Comp

1st Jesse Turner

2nd Ej

3rd Mark Hodson


Speed Run Comp

1st Brodie Pawson

2nd Ej

3rd Dylan







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