Hello to you Dear Reader!

My name is Tye Wilkie, I’m a self taught Tricker, born on the 6th of March 1995 and I live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

In the beginning I started out by doing random flips out of trees and off dodgy Australian fences, Swinging gumtree branches around with my brother pretending they were ninja swords, Destroying my mums broomsticks to make home made nunchucks and attempting to blast holes in the walls with a Kamehameha wave. I was Just trying to be like my heroes I had grown up watching on my favourite T.V Shows and Movies.

It was when I started high school that my destiny began to unfold. My first year of high school was not bad until the day I met the cool kids. I was on my own about to eat lunch and these wanna be gangsters came to me trying to pick a fight. It was pretty much a One on Five ass kicking, I was not the one kicking ass. (should of brought my nunchucks). Those Losers sparked a raging fire inside of me bringing to life the strong desire to start training martial arts for real! I wiped away the tears and began my studies in KUNG FU!
Sifu (teacher) Terry Verlander being my main influential master.

Martial Arts is an amazing thing, but I felt like I needed more, it didn’t fill that hole in my heart that I could still feel. I knew there was something else out there that was calling my name. So when i was about 15 it was Kyle Gardinar who is a family friend that showed me a video on his phone of a guy doing insane flips with next level Bruce Lee fly kicks. it looked to awesome to be real, I had no idea what the “Shell” I was witnessing but I Knew that I had finally found my destiny! 😀 <3
Learning that this was called tricking I began Teaching myself in the backyard all day everyday, studying videos on YouTube for hours on end, I wanted to be a tricker more than anything in the world.

After a few months of being a backyard Power Ranger, Going to the local gymnasium where there were other Trickers training was the next big step for me. I was still a very shy young man so my first night going to the gym I was incredibly nervous. After a few more sessions there I started to settle in and I was lovin it!
Just under a year of tricking and I was ready to attend my first ever Tricking Gathering. RAGE 2012 . Held in Brisbane. I showed up on my own, feeling way to nervous to try anything I stood on the side for over an hour watching so many insanely skilled Trickers such as Scotty Skelton and Phil Gibbs. Finally building up the Courage to bust one of my combos, everyone clapped and cheered for me not because of my skill level, but because I joined in. The rest of the night was awesome and it is still my most memorable gathering to date.

RAGE 2012 had given me a lot more confidence within my self to push my Tricking level to new heights and to also meet new friends.
It was a casual open gym session and I was just finishing my warm up when some random guy came and introduced himself to me, We shook hands and started training together. His name was Jesse Turner, we have been like brothers ever since. Before I knew it I was a family member on the “EVADE” team.

We are nothing special, we are just 4 human beings that wear shirts with E’s on them doing what we love together while sharing awesome experiences with each other.
“Always make time to do what you love and listen to the child we ALL have inside us”

“Growing up is boring, our bodies will someday grow old but our Hearts can stay young”.

-Tye Wilkie









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