Destruction (click here)

May 13, 2014

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You know those moments when you see something sweet and think it would be cool to get a pic there or shoot a new video, and by the time you’ve come back not even a week later it’s gone or totally changed…. Well this was one of those moments where we thought lets stop and capture this before we never see it again.
We suggest everyone does this in there life. Sometimes you have to just embrace the moment of something beautiful and if you can take a snapshot or capture something special on your cam to watch later then thats even better.

I must say this was a fun time. We weren’t to sure how to get in to begin with, but we found a small opening in a fence right where we wanted to go. After a few minutes spying and scouting the area we sneaked in with no workers spotting us and snapped away. Didn’t take long until we were seen though. We didnt have time for a quick escape so we just said hello to the site worker who came over to see what we were up to and he then kindly escorted us out with no fuss.

That never happens by the way haha, but we were stoked to get out of there with what we had come for.

-Jesse Turner