Soldier On (click here)

February 12, 2014

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The Official 2014 video “SOLDIER ON” By JESSE TURNER is OUT NOW.

The last year of my life has been an Incredible experience. Like most of us I’ve gone through plenty of ups and down’s. I’ve found new friends and lost family. I’ve lacked motivation, but still somehow found the Determination to Smash the Goals I wanted to Achieve and through it all I have learn’t more than I could Imagine and I now have an amazing woman by my side.

Life isn’t always easy..we all know this, but everyone goes through it and it happens for a reason. It shows your true colours and makes you stronger. It gives you experience and builds your character.

This alone gives me the courage to ‘SOLDIER ON’ and ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ because you are someone’s reason to smile and another persons Inspiration for there chosen path.
So I hope and pray everyone finds there happiness, stays humble and keeps there Integrity because your all worth it.


By: Jesse Turner